Despite Wall’s Success, Wizards, Beal Better Off

For the second time since the trade that separated the two star guards, Bradley Beal and John Wall went head-to-head on Monday, and this time it was Beal who came out on top.

Beal scored 37 points as his Wizards posted a convincing win over Wall’s Rockets. As a former teammate of both players in D.C., Paul Pierce has a unique perspective, and he maintains that it was simply time for the team to move on from one of the two players, and they chose wisely, trading Wall and allowing Beal to blossom into the league’s leading scorer.

“I think [Beal]’s better off because he’s developed and morphed into this player that he’s become, one of the game’s great scorers. He has the ball in his hands a lot more,” The Truth said. “That team with John Wall, they kind of leveled out. They weren’t going anywhere in the Eastern Conference, so they had to make some moves. But [Beal]’s been spectacular. You can see the growth in his game, the way he’s developed into an All-Star and into a premier two-guard in this league, arguably the best two-guard in the league.”

Watch the entire discussion between Paul, Rachel Nichols and Zach Lowe below.

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