Assessing the New Look Nets After Harden’s Debut

James Harden made his Brooklyn Nets debut over the weekend and through two games, he’s looking like a great investment.

Harden followed up his 30-point triple double in his debut against Orlando on Saturday with a 34-point, 12-assist effort to lift the Nets over the Bucks on Monday. In the same game, Kevin Durant went for 30-9-6. The dynamic duo left The Truth having to pick his jaw up off the ground.

“This is scary. They’re only two games in, they beat the top seed in the Eastern Conference, and they haven’t even gotten their chemistry together yet,” Paul said. “It’s like having Jordan and Jordan on the same squad!”

Of course, before too long, the Harden-Durant duo will be re-joined by the third piece of Brooklyn’s Big Three, Kyrie Irving, who is currently in the league COVID protocols after a leave of absence from the team.

Irving addressed his absence with the media this week and opened up on getting what he needed during the time away. Paul, Richard Jefferson and Rachel Nichols all empathized with Kyrie and agreed it was good to see him back in that respect, and getting ready to return to the floor.

“It was good to just see him smile and just to have him back. He’s one of our game’s great,” The Truth said. “We all go through our trials and tribulations. The only thing is, when you go through these things, it’s about the respect of the organization and your teammates. When he first went away, there was no communication…that’s what your teammates, that’s what the organization is there for, to help you through those times.”

Paul went on to reflect on how the game itself was the ultimate coping mechanism for him, but noted that everyone is different. Watch him talk about it below.

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