In Luka’s Game, Truth Sees Some of His Own Style

It’s well known by now that Paul Pierce is a card-carrying member of the Luke Doncic Fan Club.

This week we found out one reason why. The Truth is, Paul sees a lot of himself in the Mavericks superstar. Pierce revealed as much on an episode of The Jump on Monday as he, Rachel Nichols and Richard Jefferson broke down some of Luka’s dizzying drives and spin moves, one of which resulted in an airball by Doncic against the Rockets over the weekend.

“He’s got a lot of me in him,” Paul said. “He looks slow and lethargic, but he always gets there. He’s a better passer, but as far as scoring ability, me and him have a lot in common….I wouldn’t have air balled from that short.”

Watch the full video below with makes and misses on the Zion, Bam and Marvin Bagley. 


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