New NBA Schedule Features Plenty of Intrigue

The NBA’s fast-tracked and slightly shortened season is set to begin in just over two weeks, and on Friday the league released the schedule for the “first half” of that season.

That schedule features a slew of marquee matchups, with a few in particular standing out to Paul Pierce and the crew at ESPN’s The Jump.

High on that list is the Christmas Day prime-time matchup between LeBron’s Lakers and Luka’s Mavericks.

As president of the Luka Doncic fan club, The Truth is a little concerned about the inauspicious nature of this matchup, but couldn’t deny that it will be fun to watch, 

“He’s a young up and coming star and he’s must see TV, but he’s not there yet. Not opposite of LeBron. You gotta say either Giannis or KD [belongs in that spot]. But the kid is must watch TV and he does put up [incredible] stats, and he did get a triple double the last time he played against LeBron…so I don’t mind it at all to tell you the truth.”

Speaking of Giannis and KD, while they won’t match up with LeBron in the Christmas Day showcase, they will get a marquee matchup against one another a few weeks later at the center of the NBA’s Martin Luther King Day schedule. That’s the matchup Paul is most anxious to see.

“Giannis is a two-time MVP, but may not even be the best in the Eastern Conference with KD coming back,” The Truth said. “So I’m intrigued to see that matchup right there. KD being off so long…saying ‘I’m back y’all. I know [Giannis] has been MVP the last two times, but I’m still in the league and my name is Kevin Durant.'”

Watch Paul, Matt Barnes and Rachel Nichols talk about it on the Jump.


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