Truth Shares His Memories of Detroit’s “Palace”

It was the site of one of the biggest triumphs of Paul Pierce’s career, and on Saturday it was imploded after standing for 32 years.

The Palace of Auburn Hills, the longtime home of the Detroit Pistons, was torn down last Saturday in order to create space for a new development In the Motor City. This week on The Jump, host Rachel Nichols asked Paul and his Boston teammate Kendrick Perkins about their memories and experiences at The Palace.

Both men lauded The Palace as a tough place to play and recalled their greatest memory there Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals in 2008, when their Celtics closed out the series to head to the NBA Finals and eventually win a championship. Perk also mentioned the less than great conditions of the visiting locker room in Detroit, with which Paul concurred.

“Big Perk, I gotta say the same thing. I’m glad you brought up that locker room; that probably was the worst visiting locker room in the league. Despite the conditions, the crowd, Tommy Hearns in the front row, that was a difficult place to play in… Listen, man we went into a building where it was tough to beat the Pistons in their home court, and when we did that in Game 6 to go to the finals, by far my most memorable moment.”

Watch the full conversation and some of the best plays from The Palace below. Don’t forget to watch The Jump weekdays at 3 p.m. ET on ESPN.

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