Optimism is Growing for NBA to Finish 19-20 Season

As more sports start back up or formalize plans to do so, we’re all excited to see the NBA return, and after a series of conference calls, it looks like we might be trending in that direction.

Players conducted a conference call with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver late last week and some superstar players had one of their own earlier this week discussing potential plans to return to action. In those calls, the NBA discussed the possibility of positive tests occurring and those players or staff members being removed from the equation while the rest continued on, instead of another full shutdown like happened in March.

That’s a reality that players will have to grapple with. Paul Pierce told Rachel Nichols on The Jump that he is confident if the superstars back the plan, other players will follow suit, especially because the league has had plenty of time to formalize a plan and has the right leadership in place to execute it. 

“This is something that has been in discussions for a long time, so they’re not going to just jump to it. There will be a plan in place,” Paul said. “And I trust Adam Silver if he’s going to be pioneering what the league does and getting back to a little bit of normalcy. He’s the one that pioneered stopping the league, so I trust his decision if the league was to come back.”

Check it out as Paul, Rachel and Kendrick Perkins talk about the pros and cons below, and watch The Jump weekdays at 3 p.m. ET on ESPN.

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