The Team of the 90s if not for Chicago: How bout Orlando?

NBA Countdown: Stay Home returned on Tuesday for a special Cinco de Mayo edition, tackling the latest topics surrounding the NBA.

Among them, of course, was the continued chronicling of Michael Jordan’s career and final season in Chicago through The Last Dance documentary. Jordan’s Bulls dominated the decade, winning six of the 10 NBA titles awarded from 1990-1999.

The only other teams to win a title during that decade were Detroit (1990), Houston (1994 and 1995) and San Antonio (1999). So who would have dominated the era if not for MJ and the Bulls? The Truth is going with the only squad to knock off the Bulls with Jordan during the mid 90s. 

“I’m going with the Orlando Magic. Shaq and Penny. I think if penny would’ve stayed healthy, Shaq would’ve stayed in Orlando and they would’ve ran some off. They had a squad. They were already in [The Finals in 1995). Think about it, Diesel was coming into his own. Can you imagine a healthy Penny and Shaq for like a 10-11-year stretch?

The crew also delved into Michael Jordan’s stature and some of the criticisms that have come at him for not using his voice and his platform for the greater good as it related to social justice reform. But The Truth noted that can be a slippery slope for athletes that don’t have the full knowledge of an issue, putting themselves in the crosshairs for criticism.

“Just because Mike was the guy, he had the loudest voice of his era, people tend to put him in a place to where he had to speak on political issues. If that’s not him, that’s not him,” Paul said. “He had his handlers saying ‘Maybe you should put out a public statement for this candidate.’ It’s not for everybody. Just because you’re put into the spotlight…you may say something that will ruin you, ruin your career if you don’t say the right thing. So he just chose to really not go that route.”

Later in the video, The Truth and Jalen Rose discussed some of the NBA’s favorite gambling games on airplanes including booray and in-between, and discussed their latest quarantine activities and what they’re binging. Check out Paul, Jalen, Jay Williams and host Maria Taylor below.

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