Who Decides When and if the NBA Finishes the Season?

As the NBA’s hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many are starting to wonder not when but if the NBA will return to concluded the 2019-20 season. It’s been an especially hot topic in recent rumors with some suggesting it’s not viable to finish the season and the league may just look to 2020-21. But players aren’t ready to throw in the towel on 19-20 just yet. 

That led the NBA Countdown Crew to debate who should ultimately decide when the NBA will return. According to Paul Pierce, despite LeBron James’ recent comments, it’s not going to be up to the players.

“I don’t think the players’ voice really matters much This is a world issue. This is a government issue,” Truth said. “If it was up to the players, they’d be playing right now or have figured out a way to play right now. But this is something that’s not up to a council of players — not even Adam Silver — because if governments aren’t opening up states…how can you predict that? I don’t see that coming from players, it has to come from a higher power.”

As far as the when of all this, with the most optimistic discussions centering around fast track timetables, Paul cautions that it would be “impossible” for players to get into the mid-season game shape they were in back in March and expect to be in for the playoffs. After a break that is now two months and counting, especially in what is being discussed as a two-week window between a modified training camp and games, they couldn’t be at their best. Fortunately, he says, that would leave no one with a competitive advantage. 

“I don’t care how hard you train in the summer. I don’t care what you do. Especially in these times, there’s nothing that can emulate an NBA game that you’re going to do,” he said. “Not even the pickup games will get you ready. But, the good thing is, everybody will be in the same boat.”

Watch the Countdown Crew talk more about the optics and obstacles of getting the season re-started as well as some MJ talk and some fun hypotheticals about starting teams and who they’d pick below.

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