The Truth on Miami as A Championship Contender

Paul Pierce wasn’t pulling any punches on Thursday’s episode of The Jump on ESPN. 

In a recent interview, Miami Heat President Pat Riley surmised that his team was “close” to being a championship team. Paul isn’t buying it.

“If the Miami Heat are close, that means every team in the NBA is close” he said, shocking host Rachel Nichols and his fellow analyst former teammate Kendrick Perkins. “Let me tell you when you’re “close.” You’re close if you have a Top 5 player on your team. That is the main ingredient. I’ve said this and I always say this, with the exclusion of the Detroit Pistons who won in the Early 2000s.”

Perk tried to compare the Heat to those Pistons and Paul wasn’t having it.

“Remember about the Detroit Pistons, Perk, they’re an all-time — I’m not talking about a one-year great defensive team — they’re all-time, one of the greatest defensive teams we’ve ever seen. Miami. Come on. They’re not there yet.”

Watch Paul, Perk and Rachel discuss it below and watch The Jump weekdays at 3 p.m. ET on ESPN.

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