G League Pathway Program Putting Pressure on NCAA

It’s finally happening. Ballplayers coming out of high school have options to make money based on their talent. 

Just a couple weeks after the No. 1 High School prospect in the country Jalen Green made the unprecedented move of foregoing college to enter the G League’s Pathway Program, UCLA recruit Daishen Nix made the decision to follow Green’s lead and de-commit from UCLA to enter the Pathway Program.

Seemingly in response, the NCAA has opened the floodgates for players to receive endorsements and benefit financially from their own likenesses. Paul Pierce, long a proponent of allowing young athletes to make money from their skills is excited about what all this means for these kids and their families. 

“This is a whole lot of pressure on the NCAA, especially considering the day and times we’re in during this pandemic. A lot of these kids’ parents probably can’t even go to work right now. So you have an opportunity to go somewhere [the G league program] make a six-figure salary, get some endorsements.” 

Paul, Richard Jefferson and Rachel Nichols also discussed the Knicks’ decision to retain Scott Perry as GM, which The Truth was actually in favor of.

“You have to start off with just trying to find some consistency. When you change all the time, it’s hard to create a culture, it’s hard to create a winning environment. When you keep someone around long enough that can create consistency, it’s moving in the right direction.”

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