Countdown Crew Previews NBA 2K Tournament

In the absence of on-court basketball due to the extended social distancing guidelines as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the NBA and its players are finding unique ways to keep the game going and entertain fans. The latest idea put together by a group of players and the folks behind the NBA 2K Franchise is a Players-Only 2K tournament.

On this week’s edition of NBA Countdown: Stay Home, Paul Pierce, Maria Taylor, Jalen Rose and Jay Williams broke down what to expect during the 16-player tournament.

“That is going to be kind of cool, just to get an eye on some of the players and see what they’re doing off the court,” Paul said. “You can check out their video game skills. A lot of the youtubers and I think the younger generation are going to tune in to this.”

Watch below as the Countdown crew goes over the 2K Tournament, their own favorite classic video games, what team might be aided by the time off, how they’re all spending quarantine time and giving a shoutout to Paul’s sone Prince for his birthday.

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