Is Celtics-Bucks Already Over?

The Boston Celtics stormed into Milwaukee on Sunday and dominated the Bucks, emerging with a 112-90 win over the East’s top seed on the road. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the victory was that the Celtics shut down MVP-candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo, holding the superstar forward to 7-21 shooting from the field.

While it could have just been an off night, Paul Pierce believes the Celtics are the better team and that Milwaukee won’t be able to do much better than they did in Game 1 throughout the rest of the series.

“When I look at the Bucks and I see how they played today, I wonder what could they do better, what adjustments could they make, because pretty much, the Celtics got everything they wanted,” Pierce said. “They scored in the paint, they out-rebounded them. Kyrie, who’s supposed to be a focal point of your scouting report, did whatever he wanted.”

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