Best Potential Landing Spots for Kemba

With it looking increasingly likely that the Charlotte Hornets will miss out on the playoffs, the chances that star point guard Kemba Walker leaves via free agency could be increasing rapidly. Although Kemba has stated his desire to remain in Charlotte for the foreseeable future, it appears likely that the Hornets are far away from contending for a title, which several other franchises could pitch in free agency.

Paul Pierce was on The Jump Tuesday with Amin Elhassan and Byron Scott to discuss the best potential landing spots for the talented, All-Star guard should he choose to leave Charlotte this offseason. Paul thinks San Antonio could be an interesting fit for Kemba, but he thinks his best option would be with the Utah Jazz and their young core of Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. Paul believes that Kemba could be the piece that vaults Utah from a playoff team to a contender in the coming years, something Walker is far from in Charlotte.

“That’s frustrating (not being in playoff contention) because you’re in the prime of your career, you’re playing great basketball individual-wise, but you’re not seeing the fruits of your labor,” Pierce said.


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