Should Lakers Shut Down LeBron?

The Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling mightily since their Christmas Day victory over the Golden State Warriors, the game in which LeBron sustained a groin injury that sidelined him for weeks afterwards.

They have fallen well out of the playoff picture all the way from the No. 4 spot on Christmas Day. Trade rumors circulated around the trade deadline involving nearly the entire team, outside of LeBron. Unable to acquire Anthony Davis, this season seems lost. So, Paul Pierce thinks the best decision is to sit LeBron for the rest of the season to prevent any further injury or wear on his body, in an effort to hit big in free agency and contend over the next three seasons.

“If I were the Lakers, I would shut LeBron down. He’s getting older. He has to do too much for them to win. He puts out a triple-double and they can’t win,” Pierce said. “Why am I going to put more-wear-and-tear on LeBron? I need him for three more years.”

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