OKC Biggest Threat to Warriors?

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been one of the league’s best surprises this season, currently sitting at third in the Western Conference standings. Led by two legitimate superstars in Russell Westbrook and Paul George, they may be the West’s most talented team outside of the Golden State Warriors. Jalen Rose thinks the gap has narrowed in the West with the emergence of the Thunder.

However, Paul Pierce thinks the Thunder are still in need of at least one more star to compete for a championship in today’s NBA, citing the Warriors’ overwhelming star power.

“Golden State raised the bar. It went from an era of two superstars you needed, to three. Now you need four in this era to beat the Golden State Warriors,” Pierce said. “If you want to compete with the Golden State Warriors, that’s what you need. The Golden State Warriors are pretty much four-to-five superstars.”

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