Are the Warriors Finished?

The Warriors haven’t looked like the dominant force they’ve been over the last four seasons, prompting questions about the end of this dynasty. Their defensive efficiency numbers are slipping, and Draymond Green and Klay Thompson haven’t been playing like All-Stars thus far. Plus, as Max Kellerman pointed out, their bench isn’t as deep as it has been.

However, Paul Pierce still believes this Warriors team has what it takes to win yet again, with DeMarcus Cousins’ return looming, to add to the star power of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

“They don’t need Draymond to be that offensive juggernaut when they have KD and Steph Curry, two of the top three players in the league,” Pierce said. “Next, Boogie’s coming. If they get even half of what Boogie was last year, that’s still enough for the Golden State Warriors.”

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