Is Trae Young the Next Curry?

Trae Young has received several comparisons to Stephen Curry early in his NBA career because of Young’s size, style of play, and range that extends far beyond the three-point line.

While Young may develop into an All-Star and one of the league’s all-time great shooters, Curry would advise Young to focus on improving his game every day and not focus on the comparisons.

“When I was a rookie, Steve Nash’s name was thrown out there a lot,” Curry said. “You take that with respect and understand it’s flattering but at the end of the day, it’s not going to carry you through the league.”

Pierce understands where the comparisons are coming from. Pierce is one of the greats in the NBA and has and will have a lot of young players’ styles compared to his.

“Well his style of play, he shoots thirty-footers,” Pierce said. “He knows he patterns his game after Steph. I mean we watched him in college and the amount of half-court heaves he took and made, it was easy to make that comparison.”

Pierce said that there will always be comparisons between generations of players. Kobe Bryant was compared to Michael Jordan. It is a way to find how new players will fit into the league based on former or current players with similar styles of play.

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