The Truth Donates His Most Iconic Sneakers

Nick DePaula caught up with Paul Pierce and Michelle Beadle to see their shoe collections, including game-worn ones from Pierce’s 2008 NBA Finals-winning Boston Celtics team, and Beadle’s SagerStrong Air Force Ones and her Serena Williams Nike Off Whites.

The show started off with Pierce’s collection of his most memorable game-worn shoes. All of the shoes brought back memories for Pierce, and looking at all of them showed the evolution of the shoes Pierce wore throughout his career.

“My championship shoe that I wore in ’08,” Pierce said referencing his favorite shoe. “These will forever be that shoe that I felt like I just balled out in, I won the championship in, and I will always have memories of that in this shoe.”

Pierce said that he would donate two pairs of shoes, his two favorites, but he is glad that they will be going to cancer research and will help benefit the lives of many. He loves those shoes more than any of his other because of what he did in them.

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