Should the Wizards Break Up Wall and Beal?

The Washington Wizards fined point guard John Wall on Monday after a heated exchange between him and head coach Scott Brooks. Wall later apologized, but the crew on The Jump seem to think that these issues will linger and that something needs to change.

Paul Pierce believes it may be time for the franchise to move on from some of their talented players because they just aren’t improving and developing into a contender with the current crop of players. This Wizards core has not even advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals together, which is the selling point for Pierce on calling it quits on this Wizards team and potentially finding a new home for some of their top players.

“You would’ve thought like five years ago they were taking their steps, being a contender in the Eastern Conference and they just never got any better.” Pierce said. “You have two franchise pieces who, you know, it seems like they have their on- and off-the-court issues and it’s not working out in Washington.”




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