Is Kevin Durant the Most Powerful Player in the NBA?

Kevin Durant is one of the best players in professional basketball and has been since he entered the league in 2007. The 6-foot-9-inch small forward has the second most points in the league this season (432) and is fifth in the league in points-per-game (27.0).

LeBron James has been regarded as the best player in the NBA for some time, but does Kevin Durant’s looming free agency decision make him the most powerful player in the league today? Paul Pierce thinks his decision could sway the balance of power in the league, but he doesn’t think “most powerful” is a title that belongs to Durant just yet.

“I wouldn’t say the most powerful person [in the NBA], that’s still LeBron,” Pierce said. “You know, because LeBron has the most influence on and off the court. If we’re talking about a guy that could tilt the balance of power, then yes KD.”


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