Houston is Heating Up

The Houston Rockets started out the season 1-5, looking nothing like they did last season. But, since the beginning of November, the Rockets have gone 8-3 and turned things around after a rough start to the season.

On Thursday, the Rockets blew out the Warriors, looking much more like the team that was one game away from the Finals a year ago. Shooting guard James Harden led the Rockets in their 107-86 win with 27 points, 3 assists, 3, rebounds, and 2 steals. Paul Pierce believes the Rockets are discovering their new identity with their new acquisitions in the offseason, and they are beginning to find a rhythm.

“This is what we expected the Rockets to be coming into the beginning of the season,” Pierce said. “I feel like they’re getting rhythm, they’re getting confident and you know they’re going to be that team to give the Warriors problems down the line.”

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