Previewing NBA Finals Game 2

A devastating loss in Game 1 for the Cavaliers proved to strike them in a funk as they did not produce in OT. Paul Pierce hates losing, and he can’t imagine the feeling in that locker room.

“I just don’t know if they can, that is an emotional loss.”

Most of the Cavaliers player have championship pedigrees but this loss might be too tough to overcome.

“When you lose you’re already down.”

The Warriors proved to be the better team in overtime of Game 1 as the potent lineup of Curry, Thompson, Green, Durant, and Livingston ran the Cavaliers out of the gym for a +10 net rating. Pierce gives big props to Shaun Livingston as he believes he is one of the premier back up point guards in the league.

“He could do a lot of the things Iguodala can do…Shaun, he’s a terror in the post.”

Kevin Durant did not play his best fourth quarter of the season and Pierce wants to see his defensive prowess at its peak for Game 2. He was one of the best shot blockers in the league this year.

“He has to step up!”

Game 2 will be a good one as we wait and see how the Cavaliers approach this.

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