Finals Predictions

It is a daunting task for the Cleveland Cavaliers to upset the Golden State Warriors. A true David versus Goliath matchup as we prepare for this series.

Do we already count out the Cavs? If LeBron James plays up to his standards, then there is no reason to count them out. Paul Pierce is a strong believer in LeBron’s ability to affect the outcome of games, but will his supporting cast help him?

“You can’t count LeBron out, he’s going to be fantastic.”

“Cleveland is not going to win this series.”

If the Cavaliers can somehow pull out this series and become champions once again, he will become an absolute legend and the GOAT per Paul Pierce.

“I think he passes Michael Jordan; he has done the most with less more than anybody in the history of the game.”

“If he wins this one, based on one of the best teams ever assembled, I have to catapult him in front of Jordan.”

Everyone’s finals predictions are similar as they have Golden State winning in easy fashion. So who gets Finals MVP? Steph Curry has yet to win that elusive award, but when it comes down to it, it should be Kevin Durant if they win.

“He doesn’t have to go for Finals MVP but he will be a big part.”

“I do believe it will be Kevin Durant.”

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