Game 7 Loss is a Learning Experience

The Celtics lost at home for the first time this postseason to the Kevin Love-less Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron James flirted with a 35-point double double to give Cleveland the edge. 

Jayson Tatum was the most impressive Celtic by far, but LeBron James was just too much for Boston to handle. It also did not help that the Celtics shot 7-39 from three point range.

“It wasn’t much [of a] surprise, you know LeBron was going to come here and play great, the surprise was the role players… Jeff Green playing for Kevin Love really gave them a big lift.”

Give credit to Cleveland’s role players especially Jeff Green and Tristan Thompson. They played their hearts out and came out victorious.

The younger Celtics will be back; they just need some seasoning.

“They rushed those possessions, they fell in love with the three…they have to learn how to have quality possessions.”

“These guys will keep their heads high and it is definitely a learning experience for them.”

“This is all brand new for them, being the leaders in a Game 7.”

This was a fantastic series and it ended with LeBron going to his eighth straight NBA Finals. We will see who joins the Cavaliers in the Finals tomorrow.

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