Draymond Goes Off, And Truth Has His Back

The recent decisions by the Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit Pistons to sit veteran players that they plan to trade or part ways with could have long term ramifications throughout the league.

Golden State Warriors big man Draymond Green came out in defense of his fellow players for the double standard being perpetrated by teams throughout the NBA, and the league itself, as teams make decisions like this “embarrassing” veteran players, while also villifying players like James Harden and Anthony Davis for requesting trades.

Though Paul has had his issues with Draymond in the past, The Truth had his back in this one.

“I completely agree with him, because like he said, when a player comes out and says, hey I don’t want to be here, I want to get traded

“Most cases you have a veteran player who is probably still in his prime and is going in one direction in his career, [not] where the organization is headed. Usually it’s a younger team looking to rebuild, as we see with Andre Drummond, as we see with Blake Griffin,” Paul said. “I think it’s best for both parties to have that understanding [on playing time]. But it is a double standard. Like [Draymond] said, when the organization wants to sit you and say ‘hey, we’re going to wait for a trade partner’ what happens to the organization for coming public? Because when it’s a player coming public, he’s looked at as the bad guy and not wanting to be a team player.”

Watch the entire discussion and Draymond’s full comments below.

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