Truth: Mailman’s Criticism of Zion Misses The Mark

In his second NBA season, Zion Williamson is starting to catch fire, but he’s also catching flak from a NBA legend.

Zion posted his second consecutive 30-point game on Tuesday night and is climbing up the NBA’s scoring leaderboard with his 23.4 points per game. But that didn’t stop NBA legend Karl Malone from throwing some shade Zion’s way. Malone took issue with the restrictions placed on Williamson and directed his ire at the player himself, telling The Knuckleheads podcast that Williamson should be averaging 40 minutes per night and that Zion is too young to be getting “tired” short of that.

On Wednesday’s episode of the The Jump, Paul Pierce took issue with those statements, and the Truth fired back at Malone with some receipts.

“First of all, I looked up the Mailman’s minutes when he was Zion’s age and I think he only averaged 30 minutes,” Paul said. “And nobody in the league today is even averaging 40 minutes…so I think it’s just something that’s overstated by the Mailman.”

As for Zion’s recent play, The Truth has been loving it and continues to be impressed by the big fella’s athleticism.

“It’s not fair to be that young and so strong,” Paul said “And he loves the contact. I like the fact that he loves the contact.”

Watch below as Paul, Matt Barnes and Rachel Nichols discuss Zion, as well as Jabari Parker’s new (old) ride, the incredible passing and playmaking of Donovan Mitchell and Facundo Campazzo, and if it’s time for the Denver Nuggets to unleash Bol Bol.

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