Will Dad Giannis Become a Knockdown Shooter?

Giannis Antetokounmpo recently became a father, and he will strive to be the best father he can be. But the reigning MVP also hopes that becoming a father will help his three-point shooting a la Fred VanVleet last season.

The Greek Freak joked that VanVleet started making all of his shots once he had a kid, so maybe that could happen to him as well. Paul believes Giannis’ reasoning has some merit because Paul had his first child in 2008, and he went on to win his first title and Finals MVP that season.

“This is real talk,” Pierce said. “I can tell you first-hand. I had the birth of my child in April of 2008. Two months later, I’m the Finals MVP. Come on now, this is real talk.”

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