Gilbert Arenas Joins The Jump

Former Washington Wizards’ star Gilbert Arenas stopped by The Jump recently to talk all things basketball, including reflecting on his very interesting career in the NBA.

Agent Zero dished on a variety topics, including the end of his time with the Wizards, wishing “load management” existed during his career, and reflecting on his best moments in his NBA career. He also described the Wizards’ locker room being similar to a frat house while he was on the team.

Paul Pierce also chimed in, giving his thoughts on the differences between today’s game and why teams have become more cautious in regards to preserving the health and longevity of their players.

Perhaps the most entertaining segment of his appearance on The Jump came right when he arrived, when he sat down next to his former college teammate Richard Jefferson. The two bantered back-and-forth before delving into some topics, including describing how the Wizards’ locker room was full of pranks and similar to a frat house.

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