New Wizards GM Says Team Won’t Deal Beal

New Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard has stated that the team has no plans to trade All-Star guard Bradley Beal after offering him a three-year $111 million contract extension, though Beal has yet to sign it.

Despite the verbal commitment to keeping Beal in Washington, Paul Pierce is skeptical when general managers say they will never trade a certain player because of his own personal experiences in the league.

“I really believe GMs should stay away from making this comment because if there’s a situation that comes to the table where it’s a no-brainer, you have to trade a Bradley Beal if it’s going to make the franchise better,” Pierce said. “GMs tell you this all the time, and this is why I have respect for Danny Ainge because Danny Ainge had a meeting with me, Ray (Allen) and Kevin (Garnett) and said, ‘…I may have a situation where I have to trade you guys,’ and I respect that.”



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