Kyle Lowry: All-Star, Not Superstar

The Toronto Raptors are attempting to reach new heights this season for a franchise that has historically struggled in the postseason. If they are to reach the Finals and capture the Larry O’Brien trophy, they will likely need better play from their All-Star point guard Kyle Lowry, who has been struggling again offensively in these playoffs.

For whatever reason, his production in the regular season has not translated well to the postseason, and Paul Pierce would attribute that to the fact that he is not a superstar-caliber player, but rather an All-Star level player.

“You have star players and you have superstar players. You need superstars in the playoffs. I don’t think anybody really considers Kyle Lowry a superstar. He’s been an All-Star, been a really good player in this league, but when you get to the playoffs, as the defenses get better, as the players get better, as the teams get better, you need your superstars,” Pierce said.

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