Lowry Needs to Step Up

The Philadelphia 76ers dominated Game 3 to take a 2-1 series lead over the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night. The Sixers gradually built their lead throughout the game and ran away with it in the fourth quarter, allowing just 14 Toronto points in the final period.

Although Philadelphia is the lower seed, Paul Pierce believes they have the more talented roster, and it has shown in the results through the first three games.

“I just think there’s a talent disparity between the two team because when I look at the top players on Philadelphia, (Joel) Embiid, Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris, guys like J.J. (Redick), Ben Simmons,” Pierce said. “I look at the top players on Toronto – Kawhi Leonard and (Pascal Siakam – I can’t find a third person. It has to be (Kyle) Lowry to step up, but he has yet to really step up for this ball club.”

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