Did the Refs Miss Calls in GSW-HOU?

The Golden State Warriors edged the Houston Rockets 104-100 in Game 1 of their Western Conference Semifinal matchup. The game was competitive throughout, and the result hung in the balance until the closing seconds, where Stephen Curry put away the Rockets with a clutch three-pointer.

However, Houston fans may feel Golden State got away with a few foul calls down the stretch. Multiple fouls appear to have been missed on James Harden and Chris Paul, when defenders closed out aggressively, not allowing Harden or Paul to land before contact was made. Ultimately, Paul was ejected late in the fourth quarter.

While some of these plays are definite fouls, Paul Pierce would argue that some of the calls that Houston wanted aren’t being called because of the fact that the refs typically allow more contact in the playoffs.

“The calls that are made in the regular season, sometimes you don’t get in the playoffs,” Pierce said. “Sometimes it’s a little tougher, so a lot of times the refs let some things go, let you play a little more.”

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