Bad Look for Sixers Fans to Boo?

The Philadelphia 76ers dropped their playoff opener at home against the Brooklyn Nets 111-102. Despite a great regular season that earned Philly the No. 3 seed, fans were quick to start booing their team during a lackluster Game 1 performance. It is a long series and Philly has time to bounce back, but did their fans overstep by booing their team in Game 1 or is that just Philly fans being Philly fans?

Paul Pierce thinks it’s no big deal because that is just the nature of Philadelphia sports, saying that you have to expect boos in that environment when you don’t show up in a playoff game against an inferior opponent.

“That’s who Philly fans are,” Pierce said. “This is Northeast basketball. I’ve seen boos in Boston, I’ve seen boos in New York and Philly. They’re passionate about their teams. You’ve got to expect boos when you have a Brooklyn team, when you’re favored in the playoffs, and you put on this type of performance. You’ve got to know this is coming.”

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