Lillard More Important Than Russ?

One of the most compelling first round series in the NBA playoffs this year is the matchup between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Casual fans may be more familiar with OKC stars Russell Westbrook and Paul George, but Portland has the higher seed and homecourt advantage in the series, in large part because of Damian Lillard’s incredible efficiency on the offensive end.

The matchup between Lillard and Westbrook will surely be an exciting one to watch throughout the series. And while Westbrook has all the accolades, including a league MVP award, Paul Pierce believes that Lillard is more important to his team than Westbrook is.

“If Westbrook sits out, you’ve still got Paul George, Steven Adams, guys who can carry you to a win,” Pierce said. “If Damian Lillard sits, they have no chance.”

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