No Pressure on the Warriors

Paul Pierce does not see a reason why the Warriors should be under pressure being up 2-1 in the Western Conference Finals. Coach D’Antoni of the Houston Rockets believes the Warriors are under pressure even with the series lead.

The Warriors have won 15 consecutive home playoff wins which is the most in postseason history. Pierce is a strong believer in the Golden State Warriors.

“There is no pressure on the Warriors, the Warriors are at home where they haven’t lost a game in years in the playoffs…all the pressure is on Houston.”

“They’re just not built to beat the Golden State Warriors.”

James Harden needs a career defying game in this series. As a superstar in the NBA, there is always a signature game fans and other players remember about a certain player. Pierce needs one of those games from Harden.

“This Game 4 can be a defying game for James Harden.”

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