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08/06/2012 - 15:02
Stay Healthy This Summer With Paul
by The Paul Pierce Team

The NBA season isn't scheduled to start for another couple months, but that doesn't mean Paul Pierce hasn't stopped looking after his body and keeping himself in shape. Check out this collection of food and exercise tips to stay on your game with Paul this summer and through the rest of the season!



Paul's spent years and years trying to spread the word about good, healthy diet and exercise habits. Here, collected from his non-profit foundation, Truth on Health, and other sources, is a collection of tips for you and your family: 

  • “In order to beat the heat, try and limit your outside time to early morning and evening, which tends to be the coolest time of the day. Wear a hat and sunblock at all times when outside. Just because you have to spend some time indoors doesn’t mean you can’t be active.” - Dr. Xifaras, Truth on Health
  • “Pay attention to portions
. Avoid super sized or “value” meals. It’s not a value to your health
    eat bigger servings of empty calorie foods."
    - Dr. Connie Evers, Truth on Health
  • “Whenever I order dessert and want to keep it healthy, I order Fresh Fruit or Sorbet (sorbets are
    basically frozen sweetened water flavored with iced fruit).”
    - Paul Pierce, Eat Right
  • "The biggest challenge for me, even as a professional athlete, is being consistent week in and week out. It's not just about being committed to the workout, it's about the diet and the lifestyle. Make the commitment and have someone there to hold you accountable." - Paul Pierce, on working out
  • Jumping rope kicks my butt every time. Just a few minutes and I'm breaking a sweat." - Paul Pierce, on his favorite cardiovascular activities

For more ways to beat the heat and stay active, head to over to Truth on Health or follow them on Twitter.