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FROM 1998 THROUGH THE END of the 2006-2007 season, the Truth had given every ounce of himself to the Boston Celtics, but only once during that entire period had he led his team past the second round of the playoffs. The last season during that span was one of the most trying of Paul's entire career, and when it was over, his future in Boston was anything but clear.

Then, something extraordinary happened.

Before the Dawn
At the end of the previous season, Paul thought his days as a Celtics might be over. Then the world turned upside down.

The Longest Road
No. 34 and Co. had all the promise in the world, but the 82-game NBA season had thwarted many a talented team.

A team of young, athletic upstarts nearly upended Paul and the Boston Celtics. Nearly.

Paul was up to the challenge of LeBron James in the conference semifinals -- and then some.

The Truth led his team past the champions of yesterday, and gave a city a chance to reclaim its glory.

The Finals
Paul rose to the moment of the NBA championship series in a way that few anticipated, but all would remember.

Bringing a 17th title to Boston meant more to Paul than he could have ever have imagined.