Should Giannis Rest Before Playoffs?

Giannis Antetokounmpo has had himself an MVP-caliber season, and the Milwaukee Bucks look poised to make a run in the Eastern Conference Playoffs, but should the Greek Freak take it easy down the stretch in order to be fully healthy as his team prepares for what could be a long playoff run?

Giannis doesn’t want to because he says he loves playing basketball, and if he’s healthy he is going to want to play if there is a game on the schedule. Paul understands this mentality, because he saw it first-hand with Kevin Garnett, but Paul also thinks Giannis should evaluate the bigger picture. With the team already dealing with other injuries and a long playoff run in their sights, the Milwaukee Bucks will need Giannis at 100 percent to have a chance at the title.

“It’s that old-school mentality. How many times Coach (Byron Scott) were you hurt or injured and still played whether it be a jammed toe or a slightly sprained ankle? That’s just an old-school mentality. I know KG was like that,” Pierce said. “But (Giannis) has to think big-picture. The team is already dealing with injuries. It’s going to be a tough run for them losing Brogdon, losing Mirotic. (Giannis) has to be 100 percent for them.”

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